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What is Reach Out CT?

Reach Out CT is a free support line staffed by compassionate listeners who want to listen and help. We are here to offer free emotional support if you are lonely or need to vent, and to guide you towards connections to resources like therapy, free food, infant supplies or other basic needs. This line is available:

Monday - Thursday 12PM - 8PM

Friday 12PM - 6PM

Saturday - Sunday 11AM - 7PM

We now operate seven days a week and are run by resourceful mental health call specialists who speak English and Spanish. Our staff relies on a combination of emotional support training, an extensive list of statewide resources, and lived experience to be able to relate to, and help, our callers.

Reach Out CT is operated by Clifford Beers, a leading mental heath provider for children and families in Connecticut for over 100 years.

Call now at 1-844-TALK-4CT.

Who can call?


You can call if you’re feeling isolated and/or lonely during Covid-19; you’re experiencing general feelings of stress, worry, anxiety, sadness or frustration; you need guidance on how to access mental and physical health care; or you need connections to basic needs resources such as free food or infant/child supplies.


Most people have called to talk out their feelings, for general consolation and emotional support, and to ask for connections to infant supplies, feminine hygiene products and more. We will not judge--we all need someone to talk to.

Reach Out CT supports the Black Lives Matter movement and encourages anyone to call Reach Out CT if you are feeling upset or unsupported amidst recent social injustices in our nation. We are here to provide a safe space for listening, learning and comfort. Additionally, if you have any questions surrounding race or identity and you want to learn more, please call us to talk out your feelings. We want to help provide you with resources for self education.

Is it free?

Yes, this service is really free. You do not need to be a client of Clifford Beers to call. We are available seven days a week. You do not need health insurance of any kind, and you can call back as often as you like. This number is toll-free and you will not be charged or invoiced by Reach Out CT in any way. There is no guarantee that you will get to speak with the same call specialist every time you call. Reach Out CT is not a counseling service.

Reach Out CT is not for crisis calls or emergency calls.  Connecticut residents should continue to utilize 211 and/or 911 for those calls. Families or individuals are more than welcome to call our support line if they have questions.

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